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comprehensive strategies

Our Unique Tri-Front ApproachTM:
In the 'new workplace' of the 21st century, Psych/Consult Systems believes the creation of true SuperOrganizations requires a comprehensive approach to organizational and human resource development on three complementary fronts (click blue links for more info): Powerful change is possible with a comprehensive re-engineering initiative utilizing all three strategies.
Comprehensive Initiatives:
Ala Carte Interventions:
Additionally, individual activities within each of these intervention modalities can stand on their own. An organization can opt, for instance, for a specific training initiative, an intervention to analyze and improve specific human processes, an envisioning retreat for top executives, etc. icon Dr. Barbara Strand, President of Psych/Consult Systems, is available for speaking engagements! Learn more here.
icon Crisis & Change Management:
Crisis, while unwelcome, is often unavoidable in the pursuit of success; change, too, is inevitable and can be self-initiated or thrust upon us. Bad news, forced re-structuring, labor & personnel issues, political controversies, natural disasters, product problems: they can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Our unique niche Crisis Management services (click link to learn more) can make all the difference.
Political Strategy Center:
Our experienced political strategists provide consultation on campaign planning, lobbying and issue evangelism, presentation skills and crisis management for candidates, office holders and their staff, and lobbyists and political action groups. We will work collaboratively with you and bring a unique psychological perspective to your table of advisors. Learn more about our human-factors based Political Strategy Center here.