Psych/Consult Systems
political strategy center

Psych/Consult Systems' Political Strategy Center provides creative and effective consulting services, specializing in our ground-breaking Human Factor analysis and strategy, for (click the links for more info):
Strategic Campaign Consulting Services:
"It takes a village"; as part of your team, will work collaboratively with the candidate, other campaign consultants, PR/media experts, and staff and volunteers to bring a unique and essential psychological perspective to your table of advisors.
For Current Office-holders:
Psych/Consult Systems works collaboratively with you and your staff, bringing both practical strategic insight and psychological sensitivity to the often "fuzzy factors" that form barriers to successful legislative service. We assist you to:
For Lobbyists and Political Action Groups:
Psych/Consult Systems can help you define your goals and achieve the right purposes with sensitivity to abstract psychological and cultural factors that can create push-back from the public, legislators, and industry.
Contact us today for more information on working together to promote and support your valuable political service!